Optimum Voice Response (IVR)

Optimum Voice Response (IVR)

With our easy-to-use designer, call center administrators define the customer experience for all calls as they are guided through IVR menus and prompts, into ACD queues and skill groups, and delivered to agents. Optimum offers you the flexibility to upload custom prompts and hold music to fine-tune your IVR caller’s experience and enhance your brand. 

When your customers call, your agents will be ready to address all their needs. When a call is delivered to an agent, a screen pop will provide all of the caller’s info, eliminating customer frustration at repeating information. 

You can also provide agents with scripts to ensure consistent call handling for improved customer satisfaction. Optimum provides built-in quality monitoring and voice recording to help supervisors train agents on ways to communicate more effectively. 

Additionally, you can retrieve data from an external web server, to verify a caller’s account number, provide self-service options such as reviewing bank account balances or open customer support cases, and more. 

With robust support for call variables (call-attached-data), call center administrators can easily design sophisticated branching IVR Script logic to ensure that each caller’s self-service or agent- assisted service experience is uniquely tailored to the needs of the customer and the business goals of the call center. 

Custom Prompts
Data Retrieval
Custom Scripting
Voicemail Option 

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience 

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