Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Optimum’s campaign and list management capabilities provide a robust set of parameters to ensure that your campaigns run smoothly. 

Administrators can schedule the automatic import of lists, filter and sort the lists for dialing, automate campaign management through workflow rules, and adjust extensive configuration and calling profile options, even while campaigns are running. 

Each campaign can apply its own set of “dispositions” or outcomes, which are used throughout the Optimum system to track campaign results. 

Leveraging real-time information, supervisors can monitor contact center statistics and key performance indicators, personalize their views and alerts, and view real-time information in a Microsoft Excel dashboard. Optimum call center on demand provides over dozens of standard web-based reports on Agents, Calls, Campaigns, Lists, Contacts, and more. 

Reports can be customized, scheduled, viewed within the Optimum application, exported to calling lists, or exported to a variety of file formats for further review and archival.

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Client Controlled Configurations
Contact History and Notes
Real-Time and Historical Reporting

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