Enhance Business Profits

Enhance Business Profits

Optimum Leverage 

Optimum’s robust Prospect Management database provides all of the pre-customer functionality of most Customer Relationship Management systems. If you don’t have a CRM or don’t want the hassles of implementing one, Optimum delivers CRM-like tools without the investment of time or money. 

Optimum also provides pre-packaged integrations with leading on-demand CRM solutions, enabling companies to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and increase productivity for employees in virtually any department. Each integration offers increased user productivity within a unified application to handle calls from your customers, automatically log each call, and click-to-call contacts from any phone number displayed in the system. 

Implementing Optimum is fast and easy. We work with you to define your call handling rules and dispositions, develop your call scripts and upload your caller database. Startup contact centers have been dialing with Optimum in less than two hours and any size contact center can be operational in five days or less. 

Prospect Management
and/or CRM Integration
Rapid Implementation

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