Optimum Call Center Manager

Optimum Call Center Manager

Supervisors and administrators can easily monitor their remote agents as effectively as if they were in the same building, by listening to live calls and recordings, viewing their real- time performance, and sending messages to them individually or broadcasting to agent groups. 

While agents are handling calls, supervisors can monitor them to ensure high-quality customer service. Supervisors can silently listen in on calls, and if needed they can whisper advice to the agents or barge into the call to speak to both the agent and the caller. The monitoring status for each agent is provided to all supervisors so they can see which agents are being monitored, and in which mode. 

Optimum allows you to record some or all of the calls between agents and callers, and review them afterwards. Recordings can be reviewed in the Reporting application, and can be sent to a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) location of your choice to be stored indefinitely for compliance, quality management, or agent training purposes. 

Agent Scheduling
Agent Monitoring
Call Recording and Playback

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