Optimum Call Distribution (ACD)

Optimum Call Distribution (ACD)

When you need to route callers to agents, your contact center administrators can ensure that each caller and call type is handled appropriately. 

With support for ACD Queues and Skills-Based Routing, contact centers have the flexibility to prioritize inbound call traffic to maximize their business results. Agents can work on calls from multiple ACD queues and optionally log into specific queues throughout the day. 

You can easily add pre-built messages that tell the callers their estimated wait time, based on current queue times and agent availability. When queue times are long or a particular agent is unavailable, callers can leave voicemails for subsequent follow-up, which will be routed to agents just like phone calls. 

In addition to ACD rules such as Longest Wait Time and Round Robin, Optimum also supports time of day and holiday call routing through powerful scheduling options. Administrators can configure schedules for associated IVR Scripts based on days of the week, a specific date or date range, and time intervals. 

Optimum can be configured with custom contact and call fields that will be used to store relevant customer information, and when fields such as an account number are used in the IVR to uniquely identify the caller, all of the caller’s data is automatically presented to the agent with each connected inbound call. 

When it’s not possible to find an exact match in the contact database, agents can easily choose from likely matches to load the correct contact record. As a result, your callers will be happier because they don’t need to repeat information they already provided, and agents will be more productive because they don’t need to re-enter any information already gathered about the caller.

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