Optimum Auto Dialer

Optimum Auto Dialer

Power Dialing is normally used when you have a small number of agents and a large number of contacts you need to contact quickly. 

Call centers with a small number of agents that prefer to manually control the dialing pace typically use power dialing, which automatically dials a user-configured number of call per available agent. 

Power dialing is an excellent way for smaller organizations to gain the productivity benefits of automated dialing while leveraging all of the robust campaign and list management features provided by the Optimum Outbound Call Center. 

Progressive Dialing mode is normally used in business-to-business environments where the system dials one call per available agent. 

Call centers that prefer to avoid dropped (abandoned) outbound calls typically use progressive dialing, which automatically dials one call per available agent. 

Progressive dialing is the simplest dialing mode to set-up and administer and is the best way to gain productivity benefits of automated dialing while ensuring each connected outbound call is delivered to an available agent. 

Preview Dialing allows agents to familiarize themselves with the customer’s history before dialing, and is typically used in lower call volume operations where a higher level of customer touch is required. 

Preview dialing is typically used in call centers where agents need to familiarize them- selves with the context of the customer relationship or the last contact just before dialing. This allows agents to tailor the conversation for each call according to the company’s history with the customer. 

To increase productivity, administrators can control how much time the agent has to review the contact’s details and history before the system automatically dials the customer’s telephone number.

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